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The Battle is back on... Keep your eyes open, look behind you, because your about to be hit with 237 years of fury.




The DNA sequencer keeps bringing them back! The cast list keeps expanding!...Soon it will be bringing back the worlds most sinister Leaders, Warlords, Kings, Emperors, Dictators, and even the Führer! We'll see what Abe has to say about that!!!

The game you've been waiting for... Battle for Presidency Online!

This is an Indie Fight Game! Support your favorite President! Support the Fighting genre! Support Independent Games!
Battle for Presidency is a true original in the fighting genre and gives each American Hero unique signature moves that make every fight an experience to remember.


  • One or Two Player
  • PC,Mac,Iphone,Android
  • Hard Hitting Online Modes
  • Presidential Dream Match Ups
  • Real-time Battle online
  • New mind-blowing combos and super moves
  • Choose from an expansive roster of characters
  • Win to be called President of the United States!
  • Familiar Controls fans of the fighting genre will appreciate




    For a limited time we are giving out a free beta version of Battle for Presidency to all new members. Register now to get your beta password!

    Las Vegas, NV – One Las Vegas startup company, CanDax Productions, intends on changing America’s view of the political system with their first original title called “Battle for Presidency”. The video game, due out after the 4th of July, is a mix of political parody, fantasy, and gamer excitement. The concept- U.S. Presidents built to physical excellence with a modern twist of body art, special weapons and abilities, fight UFC style against another Presidential candidate. One gains votes, or points, after punching and kicking his way through the rounds to become the greatest President of all time. Players choose a ‘Candidate’, like Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, and even Barack Obama.

    Theories reside in the political world to explain why the overall youth population avoids initiative. Maybe it’s due to teacher cuts, a lack of trust in the current political system, or maybe this election is just plain boring for anyone under 40? Whatever it is, civic responsibility is diminishing among young people. Nothing in Election 2012 resembles the power that the first Obama campaign had - with ‘Yes We Can’ bumper stickers slapped all over brand new Prii (Toyota's declared plural form of Prius) Could it be, that much like the paint on an ’08 Prius, our ‘Hope” has faded a bit. Who knows? Whatever the case, many young adults, even children, do not feel a considerable connection to politics and the history of our nation.

    “Digital media and technology are the fastest growing affairs and people of all ages race to adapt quickly. If we can weave this technological growth into political matters in an entertaining way, we may ignite something. It’s important for the youth to feel included and respected in decision making whether it be in their homes or in their country.” – Candin Marks, President of CanDax Productions.

    The game makers’ goal is to engage all people, including the youth, and incite a newfound interest in politics. They hope to collaborate with such politically driven forces as Rock the Vote to spread their ultimate cause. If they had their way, President Obama himself would try his hand in a “Battle for Presidency” game against Mitt Romney. The question is - would they play themselves?

    We are in our last developmental stages finishing up final touches on programming, character rendering, and pushing our marketing campaign. Thanks for all the support!